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Wizkid says he is chilling with another man’s girlfriend

WizkidWizkid tagged the lady in the photo as “your girl”, he shared the picture on twitter and it caused a frenzy on the internet.

While some of his fans believe it is just a stunt, some other chose to believe the singer was actually with another man’s girlfriend and he decided to throw a shade at the unknown man.

But then If indeed it is a shade, then whose girl was Wizkid with in the picture?

Wizkid is considered to be one of the richest celebrities in Africa.He is currently on the 7th position. One spot ahead of closest rival, Davido. This rating according to Forbes Magazine, has Akon as the top richest celebrity in Africa

The list was put together using factors such as endorsement, popularity, show rates, sales, awards, YouTube views, appearance in newspapers, investment, social media presence, influence and others.

Nigerians however believe that the ratings could have some discrepancies as Davido is considered to be the way above Wizkid in terms of endorsement and the numbers of shows attended in the previous year.

Davido also has the biggest social media presence and fan base amongst all Nigerian stars with close to 6million followers on Instagram alone, a height his friend, Wizkid has not attained.

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