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“Three Senators and Governors Will Die This Year” – Apostle S. S. Aderigigbe Releases 2018 Prophecies

General Overseer of Christ Apostolic Deliverance Evangelistic Ministry. (CADEM) in Orunkole area of Mowe, Ogun State, Nigeria,  Apostle S. S. Aderigigbe has released his 2018 predictions.

According to reports, some of his prophecies in 2017 came to pass ..These are the highlights of the 2018 predictions.Apostle S. S. Aderigigbe

1. There will be surplus food and money in 2018. Nigeria will begin to change for the better in 2018.

2. There will be an outbreak of children diseases early in 2018. The Lord said that Nigerians should pray and fast for 3 days before 21st of January to avert the death of children in 2018.

3. We should pray against sudden death on four Northern Governors in 2018.

4. We should pray to avert serious strike action in 2018 as Government will punish lecturers in 2018.

5. We should pray for God’s protection as the rate of kidnappings will be alarming in 2018.

6. A great and popular man of God along Lagos-Ibadan Exp. Way will pass away in 2018.

7. We should pray against plane crash involving powerful people travelling from Abuja early in 2018.

8. We should pray seriously for President Buhari so that the plans of enemies will not re-visit him in 2018.

9. Nigerians should also pray very well for President Buhari for him to return if he travels back for medical treatment in 2018.

10. We should pray against sudden deaths among those contesting for political offices ahead of 2019 general elections.

11. There will be serious conflict/chaos between Egypt and Israel in 2018. This will impact heavily and adversely on Egypt.

12. There will be an outbreak of a new deadly disease in China that will take away life within 5 minutes. We should pray very well to prevent the disease from spreading beyond China.

Apostle S. S. Aderigigbe

13. Kogi State will witness another political crisis in 2018. We should also pray for the Governor of the state.

14. One Governor from the Eastern part of the country will die in a road accident in 2018.

15. There will be serious political crisis in South Africa that will claim many lives in 2018.

16. Petrol price will fall massively in 2018. Dollar will also crash in 2018.

17. One popular senator in Lagos will pass away in 2018.

18. There will be great disastrous flood in Lagos Island (from Ikoyi to Lekki) in 2018.

19. There will be serious conflict in the senate which may likely split the nation in 2018.

20. Many actors and actresses will die in 2018.

21. Donald Trump will attempt to attack Korea in 2018 which will shake the world.

22. Three senators will die in 2018 (1 from north, 1 from south east & 1 from south west); One minister in Buhari’s cabinet will die in 2018.

23. A great and famous businessman/entrepreneur will pass away in 2018.

24. There will be minimal road accident in 2018.

25. Ghanaians should pray very well to avert an imminent crisis that may claim many lives in 2018.

26. There will be serious trouble between Donald Trump and the United Nations (UN) in 2018.

27. There will be immense success for SSCE and JAMB students in 2018.

28. One former president in Nigerian will pass away in 2018.

29. Five great and popular professors will die in 2018.

30. One great traditional ruler in Yorubaland will die in 2018.

31. There will be serious fire disaster in a market in Lagos Island in 2018.

32. Nigeria will enjoy economic boom and business activities will thrive well in 2018.

33. We should pray very well for Abuja FCT against Boko Haram attacks in 2018.

34. Trouble looms in Ekiti State due to selection of governorship candidate in 2018.

35. There will be serious catastrophic occurrence in Lagos State that will claim many lives.

36. Four governorship candidates will die in 2018.

37. Many fake ministers of God will be exposed in 2018.

38. A strong political party in Nigeria will fall apart in 2018.

Source:- NNU

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Charly Boy’s List of Prophecies for 2018

veteran entertainer, Charly Boy also known as Area Fada, took to Instagram to share with his followers, a list of his prophecies for the year 2018.

Charly BoyIn what looked like a response to the tithing controversy that rocked the previous year, he predicted that men of God are planning to stop collecting tithes. He then further stated that there will be so much suffering in 2018 and the deadly insurgent group, Boko Haram will lay down their arms and organize a peace concert.

In what will also be a welcoming development in the Nigerian Police, the Area Fada prophesied that the men of the force will no longer engage in bribe collection and harassment of the poor

See the full list below:

  1. I see Boko Haram laying down their arms and organising a peace concert.
  2. I see Nigerian pastors they are planning to stop collecting tithes they are building schools for their poor congregation
  3. I see Nigerian police stop collecting bribe and brutalising the poor, hooray to them.
  4. Dead people will remain in the land of the dead they will no longer be made ministers.
  5. Old people shall pass away for the young to grow.
  6. This 2018 will be what we make of it, even if we swim or sink no messiah is coming to rescue us, make we all agree say our mumu don reach final bus stop.

We hope by the end of the year 2018, we will be able to come back here and tick fully these lists of prophecies by Charly Boy.

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2018 Prophecies: MFM founder, Dr. D.K Olukoya reveals what God told him about rebellious leaders

Dr. D.K Olukoya reveals what God told him

General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM), Dr. D.K Olukoya, has released 35 prophecies for the year 2018.

Olukoya tagged 2018 as “My Year of Extra-ordinary turn around” and took his text from Psalms 110:1 and Galatians 6:9.

Olukoya Urged Christians to be more prayerful this year as there will be “death of rebellious leaders and kings, political confusion, great fall for corrupt people.Dr. D.K  Olukoya reveals what God told him

Here are the prophecies below:

1. Year of terrible attack on marriages

2. Year of wild infirmity attack

3. Spiritual weakness would be a tragedy

4. Fingers would be ready to fight.

5. Deliverance from long time bondage

6. Manifestation of the raw power of God

7. Death Of rebellious kings and leaders.

8. Many will overcome generational bondage

9. Tragic year for those with Absalom spirit

10. Disgrace of the strong man of fear

11. Wrath of heaven over sexual perverse nations and leaders

12. Tragic year for Jehazi (fake)ministers

13. Yokes of barrenness will be broken this year

14. Rough year for modern day Jonahs

15. Animal will pursue hunter

16. Wind blowing year

17. Masquerading captivity

18. Laziness in prayer will cause havoc

19. Stings from strange insects

20. God will stretch out his rod of judgement on Nations opposing God

22. Terror would swallow terror and vomit poison

23. Year of scientific itchcraft

24. Rough year for those given to alcohol

25. Year to cast your net on the right side

26. Year of 1st Samuel 3:11

27. Great fall for those engaged in corruption

28. Strange shifts

29. Divine happenings

30. Global economy down turn (low) if we don’t pray

31. God will raise females prophets or just prophetess

32. Disgrace for hard drug users

33. God will reward those that bank with him (tithers)

34. Personal deliverance

35. Political confusion in the year 2018

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“MMM Will Return Bigger, President Will Be Assassinated, Serious Plane Crashes Will Hit Nigeria” – 2018 Prophecies Of A Top Nigerian Pastor

2018 Prophecies Of A Top Nigerian Pastor

 Prophet Omotosho Joseph releases 2018 Prophecies Apostle Omotosho Tope Joseph who runs OTJ live ministry has released his prophecies for 2018.

The clergy who was noted for prophesying the emergence of George Weah as the president of Liberia, the super eagles qualification for the world cup, the victory of Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra state, and many more released another set of prophesies for 2018.2018 Prophecies Of A Top Nigerian Pastor

Below are the list of his prophecies for 2018 and keen attention should be given to it. PROPHECIES FOR 2018:

– The gospel will be fought against this year

– A major fighter of the gospel not living in Nigeria is about to die because God has warned him personally

– Some major leaders will lose their political offices

– There is going to be terrible move of God this year

– I see one of the south south Governors would be assassinated and another lose His office at the Supreme Court

– Fifteen senators must pray not to lose their seats to injustice

– The military should pray because I see some generals having Plane Crash but by prayers it will be averted.

– Enough prayers should be made against plane crash

– There would be another scheme more dangerous than MMM whose purpose is to sly people of their money. so be warned

– I see home call to heaven for a popular man of God. We celebrate God for his life because Heaven is His portion

– Many will experience fruitfulness this year and have their babies

– For Those who have lost job last year get ready for mega jobs

– Many families will be a focus of attraction if they can serve Jesus diligently this year.

– So many people may not survive abortion this year because this year is a year of holiness

– The Economy of our nation may be threatened but God will intervene powerfully.

– The church will still face more persecution this year but it will still flourish

– The counsel by Ahithophel in the corridors of power against the church shall be jeopardized because God can’t be mocked

– Those agitating for Buhari to run second term might be disappointed because at the last moment he would change his mind and I see a northern governor picked in his stead.

– I see Zenith Bank and Ecobank doing exceptionally well in 2018

– Let’s pray for USA,UNITED KINGDOM AND MALAYSIA. They ARE major Focus OF Attacks in 2018

– I see a current president being laid to rest

– Nigeria,Ghana,South Africa and Cameroon will face a major revival this year

– Great minister of the gospel should please start speaking the truth this year. Our unity is the only bailout against all the heresies of hell

– The head of Orthodox church in Russia will be changed and the new one will have the fear of God which will bring about the gospel of Christ and the rich will go to church as there place of rest

– In 2018 things will be so hard for people but only people of Christ will be exempted from hardship

– the corrupt rich will become poor and run to church of God

– Salvation of souls Will be in abundance next year

– Donald Trump will influence the gospel of Christ tremendously