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Super Eagles Striker, Victor Anichebe, Gets Emotional, Writes About the Injury That Altered His Career

Super Eagles Striker, Victor AnichebeSuper Eagles striker and Nigerian professional footballer, Victor Anichebe Chinedu, who currently plays in the Chinese Super League as a striker for Beijing Enterprises, has taken to his Instagram page to pen an emotional story about the injury that almost ended his footballing career.
Here’s how he narrated his story;
“A day I will never forget..this moment changed and altered a lot of things. But what to do..blame, dwell, complain? No because guess what..NOBODY cares. The only thing you can do is get back up and go again.
“I’ve had so many disappointments/set backs throughout my career which have hampered my career in many ways but these set backs have also made me stronger. Physically it’s so tough but the mental aspect is the real challenge. No matter what level you play at if you’ve been through this knows you what I’m talking about.
“Some Injuries I’ve taken harder than others as at the time I would be killing it and then I would sit at home and ask God “Why God why again? What have I done wrong this time”
“I really don’t know the reasons to be honest. What I do know is that God will never give me more than I can handle and he’s always testing us. People think because I post and go to church I’m super religious but I have my moments where I place blame and turn my back on God.
Super Eagles Striker, Victor Anichebe

Super Eagles Striker, Victor Anichebe

“(sometimes it’s like he’s saying to me “are you done yet..when you’re ready I will bless you?”) and I always come back as it’s the only way…he has a plan for all of us which we may not like or understand. What I can say is that through every set back he’s strengthened me #tbt #foreverblessed.”

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