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Russian pop star, Yulia Berg ‘caught jerking’ her boyfriend at a fashion show (+18 Video)

Yulia Berg 'caught jerking' her boyfriend at a fashion showRussian pop star, Yulia Berg has come under criticism after cameras caught her apparently performing a $ex act on her boyfriend publicly at a fashion show which took place in the capital city of Moscow.

In the viral video, which was filmed by another guest, singer Yulia Berg is seen massaging TV host Dmitry Torin’s groin under his jacket, while he kisses her passionately in her neck in the clip.

Meanwhile, Yulia Berg has denied performing a $ex act on Torin at the fashion show.

She told her online followers: “There was no hand job! Please do not believe in gossips. Super (the social media where the video first appeared) is distributing libel and lies which are damaging my reputation.”

Watch the viral video here.

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