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10 Romantic Yoruba Words You Can Use For Bae


If you’re someone who doesn’t like the conventional pet names out there, here are some romantic Yoruba words you can use as a pet name for your other half:’

1. Ife mi

This means “my love” and can be used for both a bobo and sisi.

2. Ododo mi


Guys, if you think your bae is super precious to you, calling her “my flower” will convey that to her

3. Onitemi
No word says “mine” in a romantic way like Onitemi.Romantic Yoruba Words

4. Ololufe
If your bae is your only lover, then “ololufe” is the pet name to use. You can even use Wande Coal’s Olulufe as your bae’s special ringtone!

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5. Ayanfe
When you have chosen to love someone with all your heart, Ayanfe is the perfect pet name for them.Romantic Yoruba Words

6. Arewa
Is your /wife the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? Then you can nickname her Arewa.

7. Aya mi
Forget the Iyawo wa that Yoruba demons and their friends have corrupted. Go for Aya mi which means “my wife”.

8. Olowo ori mi
Ladies, thrill your man by calling him “olowo ori mi”. You’re basically calling him the one who paid your brideprice aka husband. If you call your this, he will just take the hint!

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9. Orekelewa
There is a beauty that surpasses all other beauties. If your girl is in this class, then Orekelewa would be the perfect pet name for her.

10. Ade ori mi
Sometimes when you start dating someone, everything in your life falls into place. If this is you, then the best pet name for your blessing aka partner is ade ori mi (my crown).

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