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First off, I sincerely apologize for the abrupt hiatus. It was due to a break in transmission of the commission of the confusion…😓😓😓

To the gist of the day! Oshodi is a place in Lagos, Nigeria which in my own opinion, should rather than Ikeja, be the capital of Lagos state. Reason being that you can get to anywhere in Lagos easily from Oshodi. Except places that are far from everywhere in life like Ayobo. I mean! Even Ayobo is far from Ayobo!😥😥😥. Apart from that, Oshodi is the hub of a lot of middle class activities. We have markets in Oshodi, and a world class Bend-down-select(Okrika) array of sellers ready to attend to you. Some of whom may even throw the clothes at you saying these exact words “Oga na you get am!”😌😌😌. Their customer service is next to none! I know that I may sound like I have first hand experience with the bend-down-select people, but no it is not what it looks like. It’s my friend that patronizes them😏😏😏. There are several other things peculiar to the Oshodi area, but I’ll focus on one for today, The Danfo Struggle.

To my fellow non-yoruba readers, “Wòlè Oshodi” is a lingua synonymous with bus conductors meaning, “Enter Oshodi” which implies that you should board the bus to get to Oshodi.


What I’m about to talk about is peculiar to those coming from the other side of the Oshodi bridge where there is an ongoing construction as seen on the right angle of this photo.

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People who are regular commuters of this route would agree with me that after this bridge, something awaits you😥😥😥. Something that I had never seen before until I got to Oshodi. It’s not “something”. It’s people! A Crowd of Ageberos!(Street Touts). It’s normal in Lagos for agberos to just hop on a bus and request for “tax” for certain purposes which I’m yet to discover. But a crowd of them is what I’ve never seen before. Funny thing is that they aren’t all representing the same person. All of them are asking for their own “tax”. The last time I boarded a bus to Oshodi, I counted 25(twenty-five) of them! No jokes! Conductors would usually close the their door anytime they pass that road, but I’ve realized that every door a conductor closes heightens their creativity. In this case, “A closed door is not a closed destiny”. Most times, the conductor would successfully avoid a lot of them, but you can’t avoid all of them and you’ll eventually have to pay the rest of them.

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I always thought of what would happen if the conductors failed to pay the agberos when the agberos requested for the “tax” whilst running with the moving bus. I found that out on my trip to Oshodi last week. The Agberos had said in chorus, Owo mi da(where is my money?)”. The driver wanted to form fast and furious. He did not know that “furious” is an agbero’s default state. Some of them left, while of them hung on to the bus. How they did it? I don’t know! When they saw that the driver wasn’t going to stop, they took certain parts of the bus out of anger. One of them took the side mirror, another took the inner mirror, another one opened the boot of the bus and took one thing that looked like a tray of some sort. When they had each collected these parts, they alighted from their hanging positions. These agberos for some reason knew how important these things were. The bus driver eventually stopped and went back to beg and paid them.

Sounds basic yeah? But there’s a moral to the story. We all are moving Danfo buses in journeys to our destinations. On that journey, we will encounter several challenges(agberos) which may demand certain things of us. The moment we refuse to face them head-on, they will take important parts of us. Funny truth is that even if you dodge them now, you’ll always meet them again. Challenges don’t break us, they make us. They build us. Take every challenge as a lesson. Never miss an important lesson because of fear of facing the challenge. Have an amazing weekend!😊😊😊

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