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Teacher Mistakenly plays his sex tape for his students while trying do a slide presentation (video)


A teacher experienced his worst nightmare on Monday when he accidentally played his own tape in class while trying to do a slide presentation for his students.


According to online reports, the teacher from Japan inserted a USB drive into his computer and was attempting to show his students some math models that he developed. But he inserted the wrong USB and when he loaded up a file using a remote control it played a video that the teacher and his girlfriend recorded together.

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As the video played on the giant screen, students can be heard screaming. The teacher tried to stop it from playing using a remote control but it didn’t work. He had to rush back to the front of the class and tried to shut it down manually but it took him a while. By the time he finally succeeded, the high school students had already seen way too much.

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The video is very graphic but you can go hereto watch it.

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