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MTO claims Nicki Minaj is pregnant, with Nas as the baby father (Photos)


Nicki Minaj is pregnant made a rare public appearance on Sunday night, since she took a break, leaving the spotlight for several months. The 35-year-old rapper was spotted at Beyoncé and ’s Academy Awards after-party at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles.

Now, Media Take Out is reporting that the rapper is expecting her first child with rap legend, , and this they say is the reason she took a break from the spotlight. Nicki Minaj is pregnant


Read MTO report below.

MediaTakeOut.com told you guys a few months back that was pregnant . . . and now we’ve got the uncontroverted proof.

Nicki showed up last night at ’s Oscar afterparty . . . and she was pregnant.

We have multiple sources inside that confirm that Nicki is very visibly pregnant. And yes, we also confirmed that the baby belongs to

So this explains her disappearance from the spotlight. We had previously reported that Minaj was holed up in rehab trying to kick her addiction to Percocet. But if Nicki is pregnant, now wold be the time to get rid of the habit.

Fans are hip to Nicki’s new state too.

“When anyone releases an album theres usually a few Tours involved, loads of travelling around the world to do interviews & lots of public appearances. @NICKIMINAJ is 100% pregnant. Thats why she hasn’t released the #NM4 album yet.”

“I think @NICKIMINAJ pregnant with @ Baby that’s why she’s so quiet….. I put money on she’s pregnant ? I called Kylie pregnancy and I’m calling this one”

“@nickiminaj b*tch you better not be pregnant. @rihanna if you let that piece of sh*t knock you up, I WILL WHOOP BOTH OF YALL ASSES B*TCH!”

“Is @NICKIMINAJ pregnant? Cos she’s yet to post anything since last year. I miss her mehn ????”

Is Nicki doing a Kylie? If so, we many not see her for the majority of 2018. We wonder how feels about becoming a daddy again?Nicki Minaj is pregnant

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