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Man Impregnates Mother-In-Law In Nasarawa State ( Wife Needs Advice)

45-year-old farmer and carpenter identified as John Ulaha has impregnated his mother-in-law and put his wife, Victoria, in a confused state, Sun online reports.

Man Impregnates Mother-In-Law In mid-September 2017, John and his mother-in-law, Mrs Ashetu Igbasue, 42, had relocated to Awe, Nassarawa State, in order to fast-track their harvesting. Three months into the pair’s sojourn, Ashetu got pregnant.Mrs Igbasue said that it all started on the farm during a joke which led to $ex later in the night when they returned from the farm. “I agreed to his demand for $ex and thought it was just to satisfy his $exual feelings, but somehow, it became a daily thing,” she confessed…

“I never thought I could get pregnant due to my age. I told my daughter the truth so that we can get a solution to it and out of anger she went public with it. I have since regretted my action. My intention is to find a way and abort it…

My daughter earlier agreed to look for somebody to abort it for me because I can’t keep it. The whole thing was a temptation and I completely regret it. I have pleaded for forgiveness from her.”.

John, however, claimed that his mother-in-law seduced him by always exposing herself while they worked on the farm, especially, whenever both of them came together to eat. “She would always sit half-n@ked before me; at first, it was embarrassing to me,” he said…

“But I later discovered that her actions were an open invitation and as a man, I was tempted at a point, and that led to something else. And we both continued in that order until our actions resulted in pregnancy.”.

Expressing her disappointment at her husband’s behaviour, Victoria remarked:

“It would have been better for him to get a second wife who will be stationed at home or even look for a girlfriend to satisfy him in my absence rather than going into a love affair with my own mother; it is a very shameful thing and an abomination of the highest order; it is wrong.”

Victoria has not recovered from the shock yet as she seeks advice.

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