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Korede Bello Bags Chieftancy Title In Kano, indigenes react

Kannywood movie producer and director, Falalu Dorayi, has taken to Instagram to vent about the recent chieftaincy title of ‘’Sarkin waka’’ conferred on musician Korede Bello by the Kano state emirate council.

Korede bagged the title in recognition to his contribution to the society through music.

In his IG post, Dorayi said there are several norther singers who should have been conferred with the title instead of Korede Bello.

He described the action of the emirate council as dem0ralizing to northern youth emphasizing that ‘’no matter how bad indigenous Hausa singers are, it is not fair to cross over to Lagos to pick Sarkin wakan Kano.
According to the producer, in his Hausa written post, although the title is yet to be made official, still ‘’It is not surprising, because northern elites have been like that, they look for us only when they are in need afterwards they short change us for Lagos chaps. .

All sleepless nights our musicians have been having to bring our traditional leaders and northern politicians to the limelight all they get in return was to have the title shipped to Lagos’’ he lamented.

Speaking further in a telephone chat with DailyTrust, Dorayi said:

‘’In fact, before Sanusi became the emir of Kano, Nazir had envisaged and fore told in his songs of Sanusi becoming Sarkin Kano and it came to pass. I am of the opinion that if justice should be done none deserves this title but Nazir Ahmad’’ he added.

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