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“I Have Slept With Over 100 Women” – North Korea President, Kim Jong-Un’s Impersonator

Kim Jong-Un’s Impersonator

Kim Jong-Un’s Impersonator

Kim Jong-Un’s Impersonator

The 38-year-old performer named Howard X earns a fortune appearing as North Korea’s Rocket Man at glittering events.’

He said:

“It definitely makes me popular — all the girls want photos. I’ve had dozens of women. “It’s not stopped since I started five years ago. “I joke that I can make them my mistress number two, three and four.”’

Howard, from Hong Kong, shares a money-spinning double act with American impersonator Dennis Allen, 66 — the spitting image of US President Donald .

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He gave 35-year-old Kim the nickname Rocket Man when they were rowing about nuclear weapons.

Howard — who does not reveal his real surname — said:

“We’re impersonators for the two biggest idiots and madmen.

People love it when we start kissing and imitating cex. In Singapore they went nuts for it. In restaurants we get free drinks and food.

Kim Jong-Un’s Impersonator

Kim Jong-Un’s Impersonator

We also make money endorsing products such as sunglasses and fried chicken.”

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Howard, the impersonator gets paid up to £10,000 for each appearance as North Korea’s “Dear Leader” and says he has met scores of celebrities.

In 2015, he sneaked into the Grammys in Los Angeles and surprised pop star Katy Perry, 33.

He asked her: “Do you recognise me?”

She replied: “I was surprised they let you into the country.”

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