I hated my big bo*bs – Abby Zeus poses again

I hated my big boobs -  Abby Zeus poses again

The Body positivity activist and founder of The Boob Movement, Abby zeus explain in a post that she used to hate her big because she believed they were ugly.  But by sharing her naked photos online, Abby says it’s a way of expressing herself after embracing her flaws and facing her insecurities. 

According to her, it’s more than just taking nudes of herself because she’s accepted her body and is proud of breaking the rules in the society. 

Sharing these naked photos of herself posing in bed, she wrote:

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‘I am an artist, a model, a creator and this is how I choose to express myself. 

Believe it or not, I used to hate my body with a passion. I hated my big and couldn’t relate with anybody around me at the time. I used to cover up as much as possible to hide what I believed was so UGLY then.

I hated my big boobs -  Abby Zeus poses again

 It’s always a deep moment of reflection when I look at myself now in the mirror and in my pictures. I’ve come a long way; embracing my flaws and facing my insecurities head-on! It’s more than just taking nudes for me. 

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It’s therapeutic to be able to wallow in the beauty of my NATURAL body. God knew exactly what he was doing. And no, I’m not ashamed. I’m proud of breaking the rules in society. It’s freeing to rebel with a GOAL and have the odds in your favour. Whether you like me or not… doesn’t matter what you call me, I STILL WIN.

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