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‘I flaunt my sexy curves and bum to give God glory’ – Lorraine Lionheart

Botswanan Lorraine Lionheart confirms this as she says she flaunts her voluptuous hips and bum to give glory to God.Botswanan Lorraine Lionheart

The songstress who released the single “Keke Na Pepe” in Nigeria, said she was previously oblivious to the unique size of her hips and bum until people started flooding her DM complimenting her.Botswanan Lorraine Lionheart

In her Instagram post, Lorraine says:

I think if I didn’t flaunt it, the Lord would be very upset with me. And I am not an ungrateful child,

In another post, flaunting another yet disarming picture, she says:

“I like people who DM and say, ‘you have a big ass’. If I had time for pointless conversations I would probably reply with, ‘Oh, really? Well, I had no idea. Never noticed but thanks for pointing that out’”.Botswanan Lorraine Lionheart

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