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How We Killed Our Grandmother – Brothers Confess on Doing Money Rituals

According to a report by The Nation, the four suspected brothers who allegedly killed their grandmother for money rituals have narrated how and why they carried out the act.

Money Rituals

One of the suspect, Austin, who spoke on the phone to some family members confessed his involvement and said they hit and kicked their grandmother on the head before she died.

The phone call was recorded and played to whoever cared.

He said, “Nobody followed us there. The thing was done by four of us. We even helped her to take the things she bought from the market inside the house. We didn’t allow her to shout.”


Dickson, one of the suspect that was arrested, said they carried out the act because they were not making it in life.

He said they had earlier used broom to beat their grandmother to enable confessed her witchcraft before they killed her.

According to a recording of his confession at the police station, Dickson said, “That old woman does not make her grand children to succeed. Austin said my aunt wanted to do papers for him to travel to abroad but it did not work. We said it was our grandmother that is causing her grandchildren not to succeed. We have used broom to beat her before.

“When we went there, she asked us whether we were there to kill her. Austin held her mouth to stop her from shouting and we kicked her. Blood came out of her nose and ear.”

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