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#BBNaija: ‘I had just a night stand with Ifu Ennada when she flirted with me’ -CDQ

CDQ and Ifu EnnadaCDQ who debunked Ifu Ennada’s claim in an interview with Sunday Scoop, admitted that there was an affair between them but claimed it was very brief.

“Yes, I had sex with her but it was a one-night stand. She came to flirt with me, saying she was a journalist or something like that. We only had sex once.

We forgot about everything and lost contact until she had the opportunity to be on TV and tried to take advantage of my stardom to get attention” he said.

CDQ who further disclosed that he felt bad over the incident, however said he is not taking any legal action;

“It’s bygone already; she has expressed herself. Even though I want to take legal actions against her, our judicial system is not solid enough. I am not saying I don’t know her. I knew her briefly when I was at the Lagos State University in 2008, but I only had an encounter with her once. I just feel she wanted to gain people’s attention by saying such, which is evil.”

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