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DJ Neptune Ft. Mr Eazi – Mia Mia (Official video)

DJ Neptune Ft. Mr Eazi

Download DJ Neptune Ft. Mr Eazi – Mia Mia. Neptune records / Ent presents the visuals to DJ Neptune’s smash single “Mia Mia” featuring leg over crooner Mr Eazi. The visuals was shot and directed in Nigeria by video boy KP for 907 concepts.

DJ Neptune Ft. Mr Eazi
DJ Neptune Ft. Mr Eazi

While you watch and enjoy this music video from the international DJ Neptune, expect another crispy visuals for “Mia Mia” by DJ Neptune feauturing Angola’s A list artist C4 Pedro & Mr Eazi.

Click to Download Mia Mia by DJ Neptune Ft. Mr Eazi
Click to Download Mia Mia by DJ Neptune Ft. C4 Pedro & Mr Eazi

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DOWNLOAD MP3: Maxi – Love Matters 

EOne Records presents Kazeem Adeseye Abidoye popularly known as Superstar Maxi aka Maxi Kabiesi or Eziokwu Commander with a new single “Love Matters”.

Maxi - Love Matters
Maxi – Love Matters
He’s a Nigerian singer-songwriter, record producer and entrepreneur who graduated from the University of Port Harcourt where he studied linguistics and communication.

Superstar Maxi is one of the top artist Port Harcourt has produced and who is popularly known for his world hit banger titled “Chocomilo”.

He’s a decorated artist with several awards, he is a professional in the genres of RnB, Hip pop, dance hall , reggae and Afro beat. He has done several collaborations with some top artist like; Oritse Femi, Duncan Mighty, Burna Boy, Timaya, etc.

Enjoy “Love Matters” from this vibrant act and don’t forget to share!


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Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman Buys World’s Most Expensive House Worth $300 Million (Photos)

Salman is also preaching financial austerity as he attempts to move the kingdom away fromdependency on oil as part of a reform project dubbed Vision 2030
Salman is also preaching financial austerity as he attempts to move the kingdom away fromdependency on oil as part of a reform project dubbed Vision 2030

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia who is cracking down on corruption has been revealed as the buyer of a French chateau that became the world’s most expensive property when it sold for $300million in 2015, according to a report by Dailymail.

The Prince identified as Mohammed bin Salman is said to be the owner of the palace – which features a wine cellar, home theatre and moat filled with koi carp – was kept hidden at the time behind a series of shell companies based in France and Luxembourg.

An investigation by the New York Times revealed that the companies are all owned by Eight Investment Company, a Saudi firm managed by the head of the prince’s personal foundation.

Advisers to the Saudi royal family confirmed to the Times that the palace ultimately belongs to Salman.

The prince was also behind the recent purchase of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi which became the most expensive artwork ever sold when it swapped hands for $450million earlier this month, the Times believes.

At the time Bader bin Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Farhan al-Saud, another lesser-known Saudi prince, was named as the buyer of the painting.

But those close to the sale and American intelligence services say he was actually acting on behalf of Salman.

Eight Investment Company was also used to buy the prince’s spectacular $400million superyacht Pegasus VIII from a Russian vodka tycoon in 2015.

The company recently purchased another 620-acre French property which is now being refurbished and fitted with a hunting lodge. It is not clear if this property belongs to Salman, since the firm manages wealth for several prominent Saudi royals.

Salman was revealed as the estate’s buyer at a time when he is cracking down on what he says is corruption among the country’s elite.

Hundreds of the kingdom’s most prominent and wealthiest individuals have been detained at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Riyadh, with many saying they have been told to cough up huge sums of money in return for freedom.

Salman has said he hopes to raise $100billion from seizing what he claims are ill-gotten gains.

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 Ex-Senate President David Mark To Account For N5.4bn Traced To Him (Details)

David Mark will today, Monday, account for over N5.4billion cash and campaign funds traced to him.

According to an Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) operative, who asked not to be named due to the sensitive nature of the issue, Mark is also expected to respond to issues raised in the Panama Papers bordering on his relationship with some oil firms.

David Mark
David Mark
He is to answer questions on the following issues: N550m arms procurement cash; N2.9billion curious payment into National Assembly’s account, which was shared to Senators during his tenure; and his role in the N2billion campaign funds meant for Benue State.

“There is also Mark’s alleged links with eight offshore oil companies by #Panama Papers in flagrant violation of the code of conduct for public officers.

“The firms were allegedly used to launder money, evade tax and dodge sanctions,” the source said.

However Mark insisted yesterday that no 2015 presidential election campaign fund for Benue State was given to him.

Mark had requested to be allowed to travel home to Otukpo, Benue State, after his preliminary grilling at the EFCC office on Thursday, to fetch documents to exonerate himself from the allegations.

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Thierry Henry Praises Nigerian Footballer That Taught Him How To Dribble (Must See)

Thierry Henry has revealed how former Nigeria international, Nwankwo Kanu thought him dribbling.

He described Kanu, a former teammate at Arsenal, as the most technically gifted African player he ever played with.

Henry revealed this at his unveiling as Guinness Nigeria PLC ambassador for the ‘Made of Black’ campaign which took place at the Landmark Event Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos, on Sunday.
The France legend and his Nigerian counterpart, Kanu joined Arsenal in 1999 and spent five years as teammates, winning two Premier League titles (2002 and 2004) and two FA Cups (2002 and 2003) together.

Henry said, “First of all, let me say Lauren (Etame Mayer, former Cameroon international) was very good and I love Lauren to bits. But if you go down to technique, I have to give it to Kanu.

“It’s just the truth. Kanu was an underrated player, so humble, nice guy, everything about him was positive.

“We all know that famous turn (Kanu’s dribbling style) that he had, even watching him on television, I was learning (Kanu’s dribbling style). He was always good and a good guy too.

“Like I said, if we go down to technique, Kanu was very good. Kolo Toure was very tough, Lauren had good technique too until he was moved to right-back.”

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Davido Publicly Apologizes To Dele Momodu As There Beef Ends (Photos)

It all started when Davido’s family were trying to take his daughter out of the country against the wish of his baby mama who is Dele Momodu’s relative.

All parties including the Ovation Magazine Boss got involved in a heated argument at the airport which led to him getting disrespected by Davido and even in a song.

Well, they have finally decided to put all of that behind them as the singer is seen apologizing to Dele on stage.

Davido Publicly Apologizes To Dele Momodu
Davido Publicly Apologizes To Dele Momodu
The pictures were shared by the Ovation Boss who wrote :

True reconciliation, great joy… God bless DAVIDO… God bless DR ADEDEJI ADELEKE for his uncommon maturity… God bless the MOMODU family for that simple heart… We are a family… Pix by @sampixels

More photos :

Davido Publicly Apologizes To Dele Momodu
Davido Publicly Apologizes To Dele Momodu
Davido Publicly Apologizes To Dele Momodu
Davido Publicly Apologizes To Dele Momodu

Davido Publicly Apologizes To Dele Momodu
Davido Publicly Apologizes To Dele Momodu
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Photos of Blood-pumping Cheerleaders

sometimes the most entertaining figures in sports aren’t the players, but the cheerleaders on the sidelines.

With revealing outfits, their pretty looks and dance moves, cheerleaders get a lot of attention. But these aren’t the only things that are eye-catching. On occasion, they are caught in some compromising positions and it is quite a sight.



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Woman Rips Out Boyfriends Testicle With Her Teeth

A woman has been ordered to pay compensation to her former boyfriend after ripping a testicle out of his scrotum with her teeth.
Nunzia Del Viscio, 43, carried out the attack in her victim’s flat in Edinburgh in May last year.

She claimed she had been acting in self defence, but was convicted of assault.

Del Viscio has been placed on a restriction of liberty order for six months, which means she must stay at home between 22:00 and 06:00.

Appearing for sentence at Edinburgh Sheriff Court, she was also ordered to pay her victim £500 compensation.

Sheriff Peter McCormack heard that those involved in the incident were Italian nationals, all working in restaurants in Edinburgh.

‘Destroying’ bedroom

Del Viscio, Mr Palma and two other people met in a nightclub after work. They had been drinking, and Del Viscio admitted to having taken drugs.

When the nightclub closed, all four went to Mr Palma’s flat in a taxi.

Mr Palma told the court that in the early hours of the morning, Del Viscio had begun “destroying” one of the bedrooms.

He said he told her to calm down and leave, but during the argument she bit his left testicle.

He said he tried to stop the flow of blood with a towel and called for an ambulance.

He was taken to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, where his testicle was put back into the scrotum and he was given 15 stitches.

Police found Del Viscio outside the flat with blood on her teeth and face.

‘Fairly distraught’
She had injuries to her eyes and bruising on her face, and told officers that she had been hit by Mr Palma.

Police said he had been “fairly distraught”, and that a bedroom was in a state of disarray, with pools of blood on the floor.

During the trial, defence solicitor Philip Templeton, asked Mr Palma if he had caused injuries to his client’s eyes and face.

He admitted that he did, but said he had been attempting to stop Del Viscio biting him.

She told the court that she had wanted to escape from the flat, but that Mr Palma had pushed her onto the floor and began punching her.

Del Viscio said: “As he came to me I bit him. I just remember a noise and blood pouring into my mouth.”

Defence solicitor Philip Templeton said there was a low risk of his client re-offending.

He said she led an otherwise productive life with a good record of employment, and that the incident had been caused by alcohol and drugs.

 Source: Pocket News

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Suicide Attempts, P0rn life, and the Miracle Girl with Nine Lives!

the Miracle Girl
the Miracle Girl

The old man would walk in with the day’s newspaper, just like he did every day after work, and his daughter would pounce on it and go straight to the obituary pages. She would then look at the faces on the pages with so much longing, envying them of the peace that death brought.
“I wanted it to be me on the pages,” she says softly, settling into the interview

The beautiful woman seated across me is vivacious and full of life, and her soft eyes reveal a hunger for life.

About 10 years ago, Catherine, 21, then a fresh faced second-year sociology studen had her life figured out. She had career plans and ambitions, and just like most young women, couldn’t wait to meet the man of her dreams. She was a virgin, and planned to keep it that way.

“I was a nice girl” she says with a pensive smile. “I did all the right things. I didn’t smoke or drink and didn’t even have a boyfriend.”

But then a monster happened.

“He was a fourth-year student doing biomedical engineering. My friend and I visited his room to print out an assignment. His roommate was in there too. At some point, my friend received a call from her father and had to leave. The roommate left with her, leaving me alone with this man.

Suffice to say, he raped her, and life was never the same for the Catherine.

“He was so rough and at some point, he abandoned the protection,” she says,still disturbed by the memory.

But the man went scot free as Catherine didn’t report it.

This incident however left her scarred, and it was a free fall from there on.

“My dressing and my whole attitude to life changed, especially my perspective about men,” she says. “I started dating older men. Many of them were rich old men with position of influence.”

Less than a year after the first incident, she was raped again, this time by the family farmhand at home. “I was busy cleaning up for bed time. Everyone else was asleep. While showering in the bathroom outside the main house, the farmhand who had worked for us for over a year, forced his way in and raped me, with no protection.” she says.

Angry and frustrated with herself, she declined counselling.

Something in her had changed, and her will to live had diminished.

“When I turned 23, I felt that I didn’t need to live another year. So I began planning my death.”


But before she exited the world, she needed to do one outrageous thing, after all, she wasn’t going to live long after.

“I saw posters seeking escorts. So I called the number and planned to meet up with the woman on the other end. She was suspicious at first and said that I did not look like the type for the job. She also said that other than the escort services, they were also shooting a blue movie for ‘International consumption’. I told her I was up for anything.”

What was that like? I prod.

We were in some Kileleshwa apartment. And I was in a room with five men, fellow actors. We were briefed on what to do. It was what they call a gang bang. I went through with it. I wasn’t scared, just utterly empty and going through the motions. It was only after I was paid and left that doubt and guilt plagued me. It got so bad that I took my Sh10,000 payment and threw it in a bin.

She tried her best to put the episode out of her mind. Ashamed of herself.

“I was only comforted by the fact that no one would know about it, after all it was for an international audience.”


When schools reopened in 2009, her roommate told her that a porn movie with her face in it was all over the school.

“The movie turned out to be a local porn movie and the victimisation began. I was now known as Cate the pornstar. That was the most difficult time of my life. Nobody wanted to sit next to me in class.

“One day the lecturer was teaching about what makes something newsworthy and he mentioned pornography. The whole class burst out laughing. I had to walk out. On my way out, someone shouted that I was leaving to shoot Season Two. Oh the humiliation I felt.”


“I graduated from the University in December 2009 and embarked on a fruitless search for a job. I lived a day at a time and sunk into a deep depression.

And so she set about a mission to take her life.

“I made a concoction of weed killer, rat poison, insecticide and tick killer. I sent the farmhand for 20 piritons for the drowsy effect. I wanted to sleep forever.”

So she went to bed and hoped to die, but even the best laid plans sometimes go to damnation.

“In the middle of the night, I woke up vomiting so I felt like my intestines would come out through my mouth. I woke up my mother, confessed what I had done and she rushed to hospital.”


Not one to give up easily on her endeavour to die, her second day in hospital saw her trying to suffocate herself by putting a polythene bag over her head and covering herself with blankets. This however failed as it was taking too long.

“It felt like an eternity, so I figured that there were better and faster ways to go.”

Before being discharged, the doctor demanded to know why she had attempted suicide and threatened to call the police if she did not confess.

“I only admitted to the second rape and that is how my family found out about the incident.”

Horrified, they took her to see a counsellor. However, a couple of weeks into counseling, she fell into depression again, and that is when she took to reading obituaries just to admire the people in them. And she attempted suicide again, hoping that the fourth time was the charm.

“I took a shuka, put a water tank on top of a stool and climbed on top. Then I tied the shuka to a kitchen ceiling bar, put the noose round my neck and kicked the tank away.”

Fortunately, the knot wasn’t tight enough and when her father opened the kitchen door, she was startled and jerked, loosening the knot. She fell to the ground. Her dad, who hadn’t been keen on the episode, didn’t realize that she had been attempting suicide.

Later in the week, she decided to drown herself by jumping off Bridge, but just as she was about to jump, 11 in the night, an Indian man stopped his car, shone his headlights at her and she abandoned the attempt. That was her last attempt.


“This time, something changed in me. I started thinking that I needed to change things and try live. I also felt like God was telling me that I was precious. And from then on, I felt like a light bulb had come on.”

She took her counselling sessions more seriously and considers herself work in progress.

“I resolved to start talking about it last year when I realised that no one talks about mental health and there is too much stigma surrounding it. And yet the worst thing you can do is fail to talk about it.

Her family has been supportive through her healing process.

“My main supporter is my dad,” she says. “My boyfriend too,” she quips. When she reads skepticism on my face, she goes on.

“We met in 2014, knows my story and supports me through it. He doesn’t judge me.”

Sometimes her past rears its ugly head, but now she takes it in stride.

“One time we were in a bus and the driver said, ‘Aren’t you the girl I saw in a certain movie?’ I did not know what to say my boyfriend sensing my discomfort told the driver, ‘Ni yeye. Utado?’ (She is the one. What will you do about it?”

Our interview has come to an end and she warmly embraces me, smiling in that beautiful way that is both so innocent and beguiling. She is a girl who has finally found her wings and is not going to get them clipped by anyone.

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Video: Barcelona 4 – 0 Deportivo La Coruna [La Liga] Highlights 2017/18

Barcelona 4 – 0 Deportivo La Coruna [La Liga] Highlights 2017/18. Luis Suarez and Paulinho helped LaLiga leaders Barcelona to brush aside Deportivo La Coruna ahead of the meeting with Real Madrid.

Barcelona eased to a 4-0 win over Deportivo La Coruna on Sunday and restored their six-point lead over Atletico Madrid at the top of LaLiga, but lost Paco Alcacer to injury ahead of El Clasico.

Doubles for Luis Suarez and Paulinho secured the victory for Ernesto Valverde’s side at Camp Nou, where Deportivo, who are battling to avoid relegation, offered little to trouble the Catalan giants.

While the hosts won with ease, the absence of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system from Spain’s top flight, where it will be introduced next season, again appeared to cost Barca what would have been a stunning rabona goal from Suarez in first-half injury time.

Barcelona 4 – 0 Deportivo La Coruna
Barcelona 4 – 0 Deportivo La Coruna

The Blaugrana also lost Alcacer to a muscle injury in the first half, leaving the forward out for three weeks and rendering him unavailable for the all-important showdown with struggling title holders Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu next Saturday.

Andres Iniesta was withdrawn as a precaution with the match won early in the second half, while key men Suarez and Lionel Messi, who was impressive throughout and orchestrated his team’s attack but missed a second-half penalty, appeared to emerge unscathed.

The match was played at a low-key tempo for much of the first half, but Barcelona were firmly in charge throughout and saw a Suarez goal ruled out for offside as early as the sixth minute.

Watch Barcelona 4 – 0 Deportivo La Coruna [La Liga] Highlights 2017/18 below!!!!

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Video: AFC Bournemouth 0 – 4 Liverpool [Premier League] Highlights 2017/18

AFC Bournemouth 0 – 4 Liverpool

AFC Bournemouth 0 – 4 Liverpool [Premier League] Highlights 2017/18. Philippe Coutinho was in dazzling form as Liverpool got back to winning ways with an impressive 4-0 victory over Bournemouth at the Vitality Stadium on Sunday.

A scintillating solo strike and an assist from Coutinho lifted Jurgen Klopp’s side back up to fourth after successive draws against Everton and West Brom saw the gap to the top three widen.

Coutinho started wide on the left as Sadio Mane was granted a rest under the rotation policy for which Klopp has come under fire and the Brazilian quickly set about ensuring the scrutiny of his manager would be minimal with a fine individual goal.

AFC Bournemouth 0 – 4 Liverpool
AFC Bournemouth 0 – 4 Liverpool

Klopp this week lauded Liverpool’s scouting department for their role in the signing of Mohamed Salah from Roma and they may be expecting further praise after the winger added to Dejan Lovren’s header by slotting his 20th goal of 2017-18 home before half-time.


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Video: West Bromwich Albion 1 – 2 Manchester United [PremierLeague] Highlights 2017/18

West Bromwich Albion 1 – 2 Manchester United
West Bromwich Albion 1 – 2 Manchester United [PremierLeague] Highlights 2017/18. Manchester United have now won six of their last seven Premier League games after a comfortable 2-1 victory at West Brom on Sunday.

Romelu Lukaku scored his third goal in four appearances as Manchester United moved back to 11 points behind Premier League leaders Manchester City with Sunday’s 2-1 win at West Brom.

Second-placed United have now won six of their last seven Premier League games, but last weekend’s 2-1 derby defeat at home to rivals City – who thrashed Spurs on Saturday to make it 16 successive league victories – means their title hopes remain remote.

The desired new manager bounce has failed to materialise at The Hawthorns, despite a late consolation, with Alan Pardew’s men set to go bottom if struggling Swansea City win at Everton on Monday.

Lukaku broke the deadlock after 26 minutes – against the club where he scored his first Premier League goals – the Belgium international getting between two defenders to plant home a fine header from a precise left-wing Marcus Rashford cross.

The second United goal came eight minutes later and ultimately proved decisive, Ahmed Hegazi trying to block a Jesse Lingard drive from the edge of the box but only succeeding in deflecting the ball past Ben Foster.

Rashford went close to extending the lead but United’s failure to kill the match with a third goal almost proved costly when Gareth Barry scrambled home from a 77th-minute Chris Brunt corner, although Jose Mourinho’s men held on.

WATCH West Bromwich Albion 1 – 2 Manchester United [PremierLeague] Highlights 2017/18 BELOW!!!!!

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Download Mp3: Tekno – Only One (Prod by Legendary Beatz)

Tekno – Only One
Tekno – Only One (Prod by Legendary Beatz)
Tekno – Only One (Prod by Legendary Beatz)

Download Mp3: Tekno – Only One (Prod by Legendary Beatz). Tekno once again as a special one for us, as he decided to end the year with a new jam titled “Only One” which was produced by Starboy Entertainment in-house producer, Legendary Beatz.

Check on the dope new single below and share your thoughts…

DOWNLOAD Tekno – Only One (Prod by Legendary Beatz)

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Arsenal Legend, Thierry Henry Arrives Nigeria in Grand Style (Photos)

Nigerian fans have been thrown into excitement following the august visit of former iconic Arsenal footballer, Thierry Henry to Lagos State, Nigeria.
Thierry Henry is famous for his time at Arsenal, where he was part of an invincible team that won Two English Premier League titles and Three FA Cups.

Thierry Henry Arrives Nigeria
Thierry Henry Arrives Nigeria
Thierry Henry enriched the football viewing experience for all fans of the game regardless of team loyalties or nationality. He is Arsenal’s top scorer with 228 goals – This earned him the title “Igwe” (King ) from football fans in Nigeria.

Thierry Henry Arrives Nigeria

Thierry Henry is on his way to Landmark Event Center, Lagos to meet with football fans. If you are a Thierry Henry follower, you know where to take that priceless picture with him.
“Guinness Nigeria has fulfilled their promise of bringing Arsenal legend and Skysports pundit, Thierry Henry to Nigeria” an excited fan posted.
See more photos:
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#PMBAt75: President Buhari Receives Special Birthday Gift from Grand Child (Photo)

President Buhari and Zulaihi at the Aso Rock Villa
President Muhammadu Buhari today received a birthday card from his granddaughter, Zulaihi, during a surprise goodwill visit to him as he turns 75.

President Buhari and Zulaihi at the Aso Rock Villa
President Buhari and Zulaihi at the Aso Rock Villa
Buhari is currrently being celebrated across Nigeria with opposition party members sending their goodwill message to the former military dictator.
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Everyone jubilated the day I had an erection on sickbed –Yinka Ayefele

Everyone knows Yinka Ayefele became famous after he survived an accident that almost ended his life on December 12, 1997. What most people don’t know is that doctors had concluded that he would never be able to perform $exually again.

Celebrating 20 years after the nightmarish accident, Ayefele told Sunday Scoop that on the day he first had an erection while he was in hospital, everyone became ecstatic.

He said, “After the accident, everyone jubilated when I had an erection one afternoon. I was wondering why they were rejoicing and they told me the doctors said I would not be able to have an erection again. They had reached the conclusion without my knowledge.”

Yinka Ayefele
Yinka Ayefele

He admitted that life would have become meaningless had he not regained the ability to have an erection. But even in the midst of the trouble, he never reasoned that his girlfriend, who later became his wife, would forsake him.

He reacted, “She didn’t leave me when I was hospitalised, so why would she leave me afterwards? When things were bad, she was with me all through. We got married after the accident and we are blessed with four boys.”

He stressed that he had stopped bothering himself about people who still believe the accident might have rendered him impotent even though he confessed that in the past, such things bothered him.

He recalled, “I can still remember my response to a journalist who wanted to be sure I could impregnate a woman. I told him to bring his sister if he wanted a confirmation. It used to be embarrassing when people questioned my $exual ability.

“Even if I am unable to make love to a woman, should that make them happy? Even if my wife and I opted for IVF, is it something they should gloat about?”

20 years after, Ayefele still feels pains and said he has decided to stop taking pills because he fears that it may affect his kidney or liver.

He explained further, “I am still feeling pains; I am always in pain every day. Pills cannot even stop the pains and I am conscious of what I take in, but I thank God I have been able to cope. I give thanks to God for sparing my life.

“I personally thought I would die, but my parents and loved ones encouraged me to stay alive. They felt bad, but they didn’t want to lose me. My father was alive then, but I lost him two years ago. He was so supportive all through the trying times.”

Recalling the circumstances that confined him to the wheelchair, he said, “I was on my way to Abeokuta, but I lost control of the car because it rained heavily that day. The car fell into a deep pit. I was taken to a nearby hospital, but they couldn’t handle my case because I was vomiting blood. I was taken to another hospital where it was discovered that I had a spinal cord injury.

“I was then transferred to the University College Hospital, Ibadan, where I stayed for almost a year before I was discharged. Much later, I raised funds and travelled to the United Kingdom, for specialised treatment.”

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‘The Wedding Party 2’ Earns N20 Million on Opening Day at Cinemas

The Nigeria’s blockbuster movie ‘The Wedding Party 2’, reportedly earned N20 million at its opening day at the cinemas yesterday, Friday 15th December, 2017.
One of the A-list actors who featured in the move, Richard Mofe-Damijo wrote; ‘The Wedding Party 2’
“Who says lightening doesn’t strike twice? History unfolds again”
 Part of the film was shot in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with several Nigerian actors conveyed to the middle-east at a huge cost.
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The Snowman 2017 Movie Free Download HD Cam

The Snowman 2017 Movie

The Snowman 2017 Movie Free Download 720p BluRay Criminologist Harry Hole explores the vanishing of a lady whose pink scarf is discovered wrapped around an unfavorable looking snowman.One of the books in Jo Nesbo’s Harry Hole investigator arrangement is adjusted for the extra large screen with this Working Title Films generation from World War Z’s screenwriter Matthew Michael Carnahan. ~ Jeremy Wheeler, Rovi.

The Snowman 2017 Movie
The Snowman 2017 Movie

Because Hollywood keeps on keeping him utilized and on the grounds that he has a symmetrical, consoling face, it’s anything but difficult to overlook that Michael Fassbender’s had something of an unpleasant year.

He began 2016 off by losing the Academy Award in February, having been selected for the officially maturing inadequately Steve Jobs. He then served up a cap trap of inadequately audited parts in X-Men: Apocalypse (yowser), The Light Between Oceans (twofold wow), and Assassin’s Creed (incidentally fun foolishly, yet generally wow).

He’s outfitted to get back on track in 2017, in any case, with the celebration screened family wrongdoing show Trespass Against Us slated for a discharge not long from now and the all the more long awaited The Snowman in transit also.

Full Name: The Snowman 2017 Movie Free Download 720p BluRay
Size: 704 MB
Quality: HD Cam
Genres:  Crime, Drama
Release Date: 13 October 2017
Language: English
Cast:  Rebecca Ferguson, Michael Fassbender, Val Kilmer

Download Full Movie in HD Cam (704 MB) ↓

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Ex-Brazil, AC Milan and Real Madrid Star, KAKA Announces Retirement

KAKA Announces Retirement

The 35-year-old, Former AC Milan and Real Madrid midfielder Kaka who kicked off  his career in Brazil with Sao Paulo, was most recently with MLS club Orlando City.

Kaka played his final match as Orlando’s season ended in October, and in November was reportedly offered a director role at Serie A club Milan.

KAKA Announces Retirement
KAKA Announces Retirement

He is one of only eight players to win the treble of World Cup, European Cup/Champions League and Ballon d’Or.

A devout Christian, Kaka wrote in a Twitter post on Sunday: “Father, it was much more than I could ever [have] imagined. Thank you! I’m now ready for the next journey. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

KAKA Announces Retirement
KAKA Announces Retirement

Renowned for his strong mazy dribbles, his finishing and his creativity in providing goalscoring opportunities for others, Kaka played 92 times for Brazil, scoring 29 times.

KAKA Announces Retirement
KAKA Announces Retirement
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Lukaku & Lingard Helps Manchester United Defeat West Brom 2-1

Lukaku, Lingard, manchester united,

Romelu Lukaku opened the scoring with a header – his second goal in as many games – against the team he played for during the 2012-13 season.

Jesse Lingard doubled United’s lead before the break with a shot that deflected off Albion’s Ahmed Hegazi.

The Red Devils appeared to be heading for a comfortable win until Albion substitute Gareth Barry poked home from close range with 13 minutes left.

Lukaku, Lingard, manchester united,
Lukaku, Lingard, manchester united,

Pardew’s two other substitutes almost combined for an equaliser – Jay Rodriguez shooting wide from a Chris Brunt cross.

But, despite finishing strongly, the Baggies could not add to their first goal in four games under Pardew, and remain second from bottom.

Lukaku, Lingard, manchester united,
Lukaku, Lingard, manchester united,

The result extended their club record run of games without a win to 17.

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4 Fake SARS Officers Killed In Rivers State (Graphic photos)

Daredevil gang of armed robbers who have posing as operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS in the Southern part of Nigeria have met their waterloo in the line of duty.

News reaching us from Port Harcourt, Rivers State reveal some armed robbers impersonating the underfire police group, SARS have been gunned down in a raid with their loot recovered from them.

The raid took place yesterday at the Ogbogoro community in Obio/Akpor LGA, Rivers State

See more photos below:-

Fake sars
Fake sars