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6 Reasons Nigerians should visit Ghana


6 Reasons Nigerians should visit Ghana TheThe West African countries of and Nigeria have an ongoing rivalry between them akin to that of siblings. From football, to , to entertainment, citizens of each country always want to demonstrate their superiority over the other, howbeit not in a hateful or biased manner. It is always more bants than facts. There have been several episodes, of ‘social
media wars’ or ‘Twitter Fights’ between citizens of both countries that leaves us all clutching our stomach with laughter. Through it all though, it is obvious that it is all love and sport.

In this post, we attempt to give reasons why Nigerians, despite the rivalry with their  counterparts, should visit the Gold Coast. Just like Nigeria, is rich in history, mineral resources, culture, tradition and places of interest to see and visit.
Many Nigerians do not even know that in you have Hausa and Fulani speaking people like there are in Nigeria.


Ghanians are like cousins to Nigerians. Visiting for a Nigerian is like visiting your cousins for holiday. There are lots you share in common, but somehow you all still do things differently. Case in point, the jollof. When Nigerians visit there is an air of familiarity about the place, some lingo and slangs are commonly used, but their pidgin is still very

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Shitor. Banku. Waakye. Jollof. The list is endless really. cuisine can be a joy to experience and even though the eternal battle over whose jollof is better still rages on, no Nigerian should visit Ghana without tasting the jollof. Ghanaian food is actually so popular in Nigeria that there are bukas and restaurants in Lagos dedicated to selling just Ghanaian
meals. The most popular among them is Ghana High.

Shatta Wale
Shatta Wale is Ghana’s biggest sensation at the moment. And only recently he has had a war of words with Nigerian pop artistes on social media. As long as you are not one to take these things too seriously, visiting Ghana to see a Shatta Wale show should be on your list of things to do, at least that way you can see what the hype is about yourself and tell if he is as great as he says he really is.

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Ghana is blessed with such an impressive stretch of beach line. If you are tired of the Elegushi and Oniru beaches of Lagos, switch it up by exploring the coastline of Labadi and Kobrobite. If you are enthusiastic about wildlife, visit the Cocoloco beach where you would find turtles and a large number of river birds. Beach Resorts in Ghana are beautiful and
spending a night or more in one of them would greatly enrich your Ghana experience.
Hospitality in Ghana is amazing with big establishments and accra hotels offering top notch service to travelers.

Charle Wote
We have Calabar Carnival. They have Charle Wote. This annual street cum art festival does get bigger and better every year with amazing exhibitions, musical performances, art installations, food, merchandise vendors as well as live and dance that goes on well into the night. For anyone who enjoys having a good time, when in Ghana, Charle Wote is a
must attend.

Nigerian Community
There is a perpetually growing Nigerian community in Ghana and visiting Ghana would definitely feel like home. It wont be long before you notice the familiar accent of a Nigerian, no matter where he is from back home and quickly tag them as your brother or your sister.
Especially in Universities where many Nigerians turn to as an alternative to schooling in Europe or right here at home.

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