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My sister and I were sexually abused but my mum threatened to deal with us if we reported


Zamandelu, A South African Twitter user took to the Social Media platform to reveal what she passed through whilst growing up with her sister in her family home, and it is a sad tale!


According to her, she and her sister are now suffering from depression as a result of the repeated molestation and silence from her mother, who ought to have protected them. She also revealed that some relatives were aware of their situation but kept mum – Wow!

Here is what she shared on Twitter;

“I don’t have a relationship with my mother because she allowed me and my sister to be abused and refused to stop it. She protected our abuser and told us to leave her house if we wanted to report it. My sister and I are now both adults suffering from Depression.”

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“Relatives were aware of what was going on but non of them said anything, it carried on for years!”

“She broke us down, we were kids man! How do you tell your daughter who had to endure bullying at school come home to be told that she’s fat and useless! We had no where to run!”

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“Then you get a people who judge you because of your choices without understanding the real story. “It’s not that deep” Twitter savages say. When someone commits suicide then y’all are quick with the Rest in power garbage!”

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