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Adult Story: Virginity for sale

Virginity for sale
for sale

Charity was an 18-year-old virgin and her Instagram profile proclaimed as much. She had recently made the decision to sell her virginity to the highest bidder.

How did that decision come about? Well, Charity was a sweet, innocent girl but she had heard so many stories about how terrible it can be when a person lost her virginity. Her friends have shared such horror story that made the whole thing sound like an unpleasant ordeal.

Then there were those who gave it up for a guy who never called them again. Either way, she concluded that it was too precious a thing to waste on some guy who was giving her nothing in return. The way she saw it, it was going to hurt anyway.


She considered waiting for marriage but she still came to the same conclusion. It was going to hurt as hell and he was probably just going to be some guy who will appreciate it for a minute and then forgot about it and maybe even move on to fucking whores or something.

She wanted to feel like she was getting something tangible out of the experience. At least, if she gets paid for the first one, she can enjoy other experiences and she will feel pleasured so she would not feel like she was losing anything. Losing her virginity, though, now that was something someone had to pay for.

So, Charity set up the account. Her profile information was simple – “18 years old interested in fucking the right guy for the right price.’ She added her contact email and filled the page with extremely sexy and sensual photos of herself.

She soon became a sensation. Guys kept coming in droves. Some offered money and heck, a few even wanted to marry her. She deleted the marriage-hungry ones instantly. She needed cash money not some promises by some guy that are unlikely to be kept. It took her a month to make her decision. Some guys kept coming back to up their offer and new ones kept coming. Some even offered to pay the money into her account immediately if she can promise to come over.

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She eventually settled for Chief Ola. Charity was actually not just all about the money. She also wanted someone that looked good and even though Chief Ola was probably in his 50s, he looked like a man who took care of himself. He was quite handsome and charming. He called as soon as she gave him her number and they talked at length. He made her feel comfortable and she knew she made the right choice. She accepted his offer.

She arrived at his house one Sunday afternoon. After encouraging her to have a few drinks, he took her hands and brought her to sit on his laps as they sat in his living room. Chief Ola ran his hand up and down her body, making her feel like a brand new car he was about to purchase.

She did not mind much, though, he was getting what he paid for. He put his hands on both sides of her face and pulled her towards him for a kiss. She kissed him back. She had only kissed a couple of boys so she still felt a bit uncomfortable but he did not seem to care.

After kissing and stroking her for some time, he suggested they entered his bedroom. When they got in he put  both hands around her and unzipped her dress. He slid it down her shoulders and smiled as he took a look at Charity’s perky breasts and toned tummy.

He reached around again to unclasp her bra and her breasts spilt out. He took his time, kissing and sucking gently as one hand slid inside her panties. He began to finger her gently. He slid his index finger into her and pushed through the barrier. It felt really uncomfortable but she tried to relax. After a few minutes of this, he pulled down her panties, led her to the bed and asked her to lie down. He then stood back and took off his clothes.

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Charity gasped as she saw his dick. Other than the pictures that some of her suitors sent her, she had never seen a hard cock this up-close. He looked big and very thick. It was hard and pointing at her. She wondered if this cock was capable of entering her. She glanced away. She had made her decision. She had gone too far to back down.

He was soon on top of her. He continued to kiss her as he pushed his finger into her, trying to open her up. He urged her to relax and she tried but it was not easy. She soon found out why he kept asking her to relax. He began to probe her entrance with two fingers. She let out a sharp cry as he tried to get both in. She tensed up again but he managed to push into her cunt. After a couple of thrusts, he pulled out his hand.

He grabbed his cock and brought it to her entrance. Charity was feeling very worried but she tried to be brave. He pushed the head through her entrance and she let out another loud cry. She was just about to ask him to take it slow when he forcefully pushed through her barrier in one move until he was deep inside her.

Charity’s cunt was on fire. She screamed out loud as her whole body began to burn from the pain. It felt like her pussy was torn open and she wanted to be anywhere but there. She thrashed around but it was too late as Chief Ola began to thrust hard and fast, in and out. He ignored her screams of agony and did not even notice as she clawed against his shoulders, begging for release.

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He was too far gone and her tight newbie cunt was pleasantly wrapped around his hard dick. Charity tried to take deep breaths and tried to ride the whole ordeal to the end. Thankfully, he did not last very long and soon, he was jerking on top of her and cumming inside her.

He brought out his now soft dick and all she felt was relief that it was over. He walked to his bathroom and Charity got out of bed. She realised her legs ached but she stumbled towards her bag and retrieved some tissues which she used to clean up.

Afterwards, she slipped on her clothes and sat at the edge of the bed.

“Going so soon?” He asked when he came out.

She nodded and he brought out a cheque from the bedside drawer. He wrote out the amount they agreed on and she collected it from him. She walked out of his home with achy legs but at least, she was richer than she was the day before.

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