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3 wrong sex myths men should stop believing about women


3 wrong sex myths men should stop believing about womenJust like women are guilty of holding on to the wrong beliefs about men, men are also holding on to opinions about women that are untrue. Below are 3 major ones.

She needs to orgasm first

First off, a does not need to have an orgasm for it to be a pleasurable sexual experience for her. The fact that men wholeheartedly take this to be true has caused women to fake orgasms so that he would not feel bad. Men also try so hard to make sure she cums first. They believe that this way, if he does not last that long, he is relieved knowing that at least he got her there. If a feels pressured to cum first, she will fake it because it will seem like the man is pausing his own pleasure for her. If you really want to make her cum, remove the pressure. Do not make it a rule that she has to cum first. There is nothing wrong with her cuming last, or even during. Spontaneity is the key to great . Sometimes, focus on her pleasure before you begin, other times, do that at the end. You can also pause midway to give her a good time. The fact that she is not feeling like you have a ‘plan’ will make her a lot more relaxed and more likely to achieve orgasm.

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If she loves you, she should enjoy


Sometimes, men are so sure of a ’s love that they do not bother to try hard in the bedroom. They equate love with sexual attraction so they do not even bother. This is often why men would rather bring their game for other women, but once they are in a relationship, they just do the bare minimum. They stop trying to excite or keep her attention. She can still love you but does not find joy in the if you do not put in the effort. Sexual attraction is different from love. Assuming they are both the same has caused some men to have an unsatisfied sexual partner.

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Women do not have fetishes

Some men have assumed that they are the only ones with sexual fantasies and freakiness. They do not expect a to have such thoughts. The fact that women are not naturally open about it is also not helping matters. Sometimes, she needs to be urged to share. For all you know, she might have a sexual fantasy which would make your life explosive, but assuming that all she wants is normal, vanilla will not encourage her to speak up. This is also doing you a disservice because if you do not encourage her to share, you might not feel like sharing yours too. Being open with each other makes for a better life. Besides, keeping sexual fantasies to yourselves makes it more likely that one or both of you will be tempted to get your satisfaction elsewhere.

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