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Abeiku Santana & UTV Should Stop The Blaming Bloggers And Render Apology To Joselyn Dumas

New broke out that Africa’s Screen-Goddess Joselyn has revealed that she dated fellow actor John Dumelo for Two(2) years before his marriage.

The news item was picked from a commercial of This week’s episode of Abeiku Santana’s ATUU TV shown which airs on UTV; which saw Joselyn Dumas saying she was in a 2 year relationship with Joselyn Dumas.

The actress who didn’t take it lightly with the host Abeiku Santana and management of UTV called out Abeiku Santana and his team for deliberately misrepresenting her response to questions asked her about John Dumelo.

Abeiku Santana in a supposed to render and apology to Joselyn instead of making it look like bloggers concocted the story out of context for traffic.

Further checks revealed that the TVC was doctored to make it look like the celebrated actress Joselyn Dumas agreed to have been in a relationship with John Dumelo for 2 years.

Below in the doctored video and the original video. Judge for yourself

Doctored Video:

Original Video

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