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8 Worst Premier League players of all time

#3 Massimo Taibi (Man United)

Worst Premier League players of all time

#5 Massimo Taibi (Man United)

Goalkeepers are usually the easiest targets for criticism. After all, they are the final barrier and even if everybody before them fails miserably, they are supposed to keep the ball from going into the net.

So, it certainly is no surprise to see a goalkeeper such as Massimo Taibi in fifth place on this list. But, it is not just any goalkeeper. It was the man signed by the league’s greatest manager to step into the shoes of arguably the league’s greatest-ever keeper, Peter Schmeichel.

Whilst it is true that the circumstances might not have been the greatest, there is really no excuse for his shocking displays in goal. Signed for a whopping £4.5 million from Venezia, the Italian shot-stopper played only four games for United but made one critical error in each of the four matches he played.

His comical attempt to stop Matt Le Tissier’s shot at Old Trafford is now part of YouTube folklore.

#2 Thomas Brolin (Leeds United)

Worst Premier League players of all time

Thomas Brolin (Leeds United)

Thomas Brolin was one of them after he was signed by Leeds for £4.5 million in 1995 from Parma. The Swedish striker was in brilliant goalscoring form for both Sweden and Parma and came to England with fans expecting something big from the Swedish maestro.

In a way, the fans got what they wanted as Brolin piled on the pounds in Yorkshire and was accused by his coach of “not pulling his weight”. In his two years at Elland Road, there were numerous unexplained absences and injuries, which eventually led to his departure.

Although he returned to the League with Crystal Palace, he was equally useless and retired at the age of 28.

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