‘Stop being jealous of me, stop worrying about how much I make’ -Tyson Fury slams Deontay Wilder

Tyson Fury slams Deontay Wilder


, has hit back at WBC heavyweight champion ahead of their much anticipated boxing rematch slated for February 2020.

In September, Fury battled through a nasty eye injury to keep his unbeaten record untouched against Swede Otto Wallin and in February 2020 will face Wilder who battled him to a history draw last year provided Fury’s eyes heal up and Wilder beats Luis Ortiz in November.

But even with a healing eye, Fury will be fighting a wrestling match against Braun Strowman in October 30 at Saudi Arabia and Wilder alleged the boxer will use the wrestling match as an opportunity to feign an injury and avoid their rematch in February.

Wilder even went as far as saying he doesn’t believe Fury will be paid as much as $15m for partaking in the WWE fight, and now Fury has responded saying is jealous of him and should concentrate on his upcoming fight with Ortiz rather than worry about how much he (Fury) is making.

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When asked for his response to Wilder, Fury told talkSPORT.com’s Alex McCarthy: “How do you respond to that? Agree, maybe?

“Would that be the most controversial way of answering that question? To agree with what he said? Well I’ll agree with what Deontay Wilder said then. Everything he said I agree with.

“Do you know what it is though? I don’t see why people should be concerned with what my private business is and what I’m earning for fights or whatever.

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“It’s got nothing to do with anyone but me, so if I earn £10 or I earn £10million, it’s got nothing to do with anybody else at all.

“Especially a rival boxer. What does it matter to him if I earn £10? It’s not his money, is it? So he shouldn’t be concerned.

“And as for all the fact that I’m gonna get an injury or whatever, he needs to concentrate on his own fight with Luis Ortiz and stop worrying about what I’m doing, stop being jealous of me.”

“You don’t hear him talking about his own fight, do you? He’s too concerned with what I’m doing and how terrible I am and how I shouldn’t be getting this money.

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“[He should] get on with his acting or whatever he’s doing. Crack on. I don’t mention him, I don’t mention any of them.

“Unless people push me for questions, I don’t mention any of the heavyweight boxers, I’ve no concern.

“What they do in their life is none of my business at all.

“I wouldn’t say, ‘Oh, Deontay Wilder’s doing an acting job, what an idiot. He should be getting £1million and he’s getting £10,000.’

“I’ve no interest what he does, I don’t care if he goes for Miss Universe or becomes a body builder or an MMA fighter.

“I don’t care if he gets a big movie shot, that’s none of my business quite frankly.”

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