Sauti Sol’s Bien Denies Dating Yemi Alade


The Kenyan boy band member ’s Aime, debunked rumours of dating Yemi Alade in an interview on Tanzania’s Clouds FM. said he is married to an Igbo woman and that makes Yemi Alade his sister because she is partly from the same tribe.

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He jokingly added that if Tanzanians think he dated Yemi Alade, then they must hold him in high regards.

“Yemi is like my sister, She is my bestie. My grandmother is a Nigerian I married an Igbo girl and also Yemi is an Igbo so I married Yemi. But I’m so thankful for the brains for keeping me a street boy so I can be seen by Yemi and where I can be out with Yemi. Thank you. Don’t put me down” he said.


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