Why did Arsenal Sign David Luiz From Chelsea?

David Luiz

moved across the London clubs in a deal worth only £8m, And arsenal looks like the team that got a good part of the bargain.

Why sign ?

’s defense are already in shambles and they know that’s one department they have to tighten up to be able to contend in England and Europe again as they onced did before.

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The midfield and attacking looks sharp and ready for thus new season, but the defense is nothing to write home about, hence the veteran and experienced Brazilian was a good option for the gunners.

Here are some reasons why moved to arsenal.

  1. To help stabilize the weak and childish arsenal defense with new Celtic signing Kieran Thierny.
  2. To help arsenal concede less goals and keep many clean sheets as possible.. (Imagine conceding 51 goals in 38 matches last season).
  3. To reunite with former PSG coach Unai Emery. This deal was more possible because of their Parisian connection.
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Though a lot has been said about David Luiz errors and lapses in defensedefense, but his wealth of experience will help arsenal’s porous defense.

Though he will turn 33 April next year, and many doubt how long he can stay active in the game,

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But be can give arsenal 2–3 more solid years of quality defending.

As I said earlier, did got the better end of the bargain over fierce city rivals .


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