B00B Movement Founder, Abby Chioma Zeus Strips Nayked To Promote Her Vlog [Photos]

Abby Chioma Zeus
Abby Zeus

, Abby Zeus Founder Strips Completely Nayked To Promote Her Vlog

founder, Abby Zeus, let her boobs and every other part of her body hang out as she promoted a vlog addressing her “totally sagging boobs”.


In a new photo shared by the Nigerian model, she went completely naked from head to toe.

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Promoting the new video titled: “My boobs are sagging”, she warned that the content of the video is “coded red”.

She wrote:

“It’s real guys!!! CODE RED!!! ? My boobs are totally sagging and I feel like I’m aging lol.”

Abby Chioma Zeus
Abby Zeus



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