South African Man Caught Raping 6yrs Old girl inside toilet


South African Man

Nicholas Ninow, had been arraigned after he was caught raping a 6-year-old girl on Saturday.

The suspect raped her inside a toilet at Dros restaurant Silverton, Pretoria.

Ninow allegedly snatched the girl from the women’s toilet and took her to the men’s toilet where he raped her. .

According to reports, the mother of the child could not find her and heard noises coming from the toilet. She reportedly could not open the door and started causing commotion. .

The suspect then opened the door and was found to be naked. The child was also undressed and bleeding. Patrons proceeded to assault the suspect.

The incident was posted on Facebook on September 22, in a post which read

“I’m at Dros in Silverton en this man jus raped a six year old in the toilet…police are here, she is bleeding…the guy looks 24.

Apparently he was scouting her while she was playing in the kids area en waited for her to go to the toilet.”


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