Things you Should Never Try Doing After a Relationship Break-Up

Relationship Break-UpFind healthy ways to cope and before you know it, you are back to yourself and it has become a distant memory. Before you get there, it’s important to observe breakup etiquette which can save a whole lot of heart ache and embarrassment. While you’re still recovering from the breakup here are six things you should never do:Relationship Break-Up

  • Pretend you are ok

Never lie to yourself that you are fine immediately after a breakup. It hurts and that pain has to be dealt with. If you have to cry, cry! take a break from work or punch a pillow, do it! Let it out and surround yourself with people who will help you heal.

  • Revenge
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Getting even can be very tempting especially if you feel wronged. But is it worth being locked up for? This will only fuel your anger and bitterness. Learn to forgive and let go.

  • Urge to communicate

As emotions come flooding, there are times you will want to call or sms your ex because you miss him. Don’t! Unless it’s an emergency, resist the urge. Breakups tend to create voids and many feel lost because there daily habits revolved around someone else. Once the thoughts start creeping in, call a friend instead and keep yourself busy as you learn to adapt to the breakup.Relationship Break-Up

  • Stalking your partner
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Social media has made life much harder especially after a breakup. There is the constant temptation to know how your ex is doing, what he’s up to, if he has a new girlfriend etc. Don’t post any breakup drama quotes because it will reveal how weak you are. If you feel like you need to block, unfriend to avoid stalking temptations, go ahead!

  • Breakup sintercourse
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This is never ever a good idea. Not only will it leave you feeling used and hurt but can be the beginning of a complex situation that will lead to no good. Let it be a clean breakup that you have done some closure.

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