Daddy Freeze condemns VP Yemi Osinbajo’s daughter wedding

Daddy Freeze condemns VP Yemi Osinbajo’s daughter wedding

Posted by - Feb 14, 2018

Daddy Freeze condemns VP Yemi Osinbajo’s daughter wedding Yemi Osinbajo confirmed the news on his social media accounts but OAP Daddy Freeze has criticized it on his Instagram page stating how he feels about the wedding as Yemi Osinbajo eldest daughter, Damilola is getting married to a Muslim. Daddy Freeze wrote; REDEEMED PASTOR OSHINBAJO’S DAUGHTER SET

Majek Fashek performing at COZA

Daddy Freeze condemns Majek Fashek performing at COZA

Posted by - Dec 19, 2017

Daddy Freeze has reacted to Majek Fashek performing during an event at Common Wealth of Zion Assembly church. He wrote; “I am still searching for the sense in this. I am a huge Majek fan, but do I want to see him perform in a church? – How did we get here? – Maybe I’m

Most Controversial Nigerian Celebrities

List Of The Most Controversial Nigerian Celebrities In Nigeria 2017

Posted by - Dec 17, 2017

2017 has recorded a whole lot in the entertainment section in Nigeria. Some celebrities blew beyond expectations while some had issues that carpeted their career all through 2017. Some got new Endorsement and some lost theirs.. 2017 was indeed a year of too many experiences. Here are the most controversial celebs for the year 1.

I Saw Daddy Freeze Killed In My Dream – Fan Cries Out

Posted by - Dec 15, 2017

Dear Daddy Freeze, I had a dream last night, in the dream I saw wicked and unreasonable men who claim to be men of God arm to the teeth with ungodly weapon (occultic power) setting out to harm you for preaching the truth of the gospel of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, so that

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