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Photos: Inside Sir Olu Okeowo’s $12 million Ikoyi mansion


is considered to be one of the richest men in the commercial city. His mansion in area of Lagos is simply like a fairytale homes captured only by the imagination of a Hollywood film director or better still, a 21st century reinvention of the glory and splendor of the Château de Versailles in France.

Standing and sprawling over a choice 5 acres of prime land reportedly worth a whopping $3 million, Palacio De Okeowo is a three-floor Victorian edifice overlooking the sea at one part. It is said to be the biggest property of its kind in Parkview, , Lagos, Nigeria, spanning a period of 11 months from its inception to completion.Sir Olu Okeowo

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Built and owned by the property , himslef, the magnificent edifice is conservatively valued at $12 million, excluding the inside fittings, furniture and of course, the luxury cars which include at least five Rolls-Royces and an array of other eye-popping vehicles!

Sand-filling and claiming a good 5,000 square metres of the sea as extra land to situate the castle’s swimming pool, Palacio De Okeowo’s architectural construct reveals a masterpiece only a mind like Okeowo’s could possibly conceive. Th mansion is surely a sight to behold.

Palacio De Okeowo is one edifice that can proudly stand shoulder to shoulder with any from any part of the globe, parading all the luxuries that money can afford; its own helipad, a jetty, a chapel and a fleet of luxurious cars that that are only driven by the elites across the world.Sir Olu Okeowo

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Inside The Luxurious Multi-Billion Naira Lagos Mansion Of Property Czar. Enjoy the ride as we take you on this pictorial mansion tour built by Nigeria’s undisputed King of Luxury!

Even as the billionaire just had a spat with officers of the Nigeria Customs Service over the non-payment of import duties on one of his luxurious cars, the classic aristocrat is still living hi life to the fullest.

Watch a video of the palace below:



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