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N@ked Couple filmed having $ex publicly, during a music festival in a stadium

Couple filmed having $ex publicly

filmed having $ex publicly

A couple who could not control thier sexual urge were spotted having sex openly in a during a in Brazil.

A lot of music fans who came for the festival at the Governador Magalhaes Pinto Stadium, were shocked to have seen the couples in the unusual act at such place and began to video them. The video begins with the naked man standing in front of the woman and continuously moving her.

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Naked couple filmed having sex openly during a in a

While music was all loud from the ’s speakers, this did not stop the couple, despite dozens of onlookers catching sight on what was happening. Some of the onlookers said they could see the couple change positions as they continued in the public display.

“The couple have been officially identified, and could be caged”, said the festival organizers.

The organizers of the event further said the personal information of the couple has been passed on to officials who will take appropriate measures.

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Article 233 of the Brazilian Penal Code says performing obscene acts in a public place can be punished with prison sentences between three months and one year.

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