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”Chimamanda Will Lead Women To Hell’ -Nigerian Journalist, Fredrick Nwabufo

”Chimamanda Will Lead Women To Hell’ -Nigerian Journalist, Fredrick NwabufoFredrick Nwabufo, has also reacted to the interview between Nigerian celebrity writer and feminist, Chimamanda Adichie and former FLOTUS and Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Recall that Qit was reported that  Chimamanda Adichie said she was upset that former Presidential Candidate and FLOTUS, Hillary Clinton, attached ‘wife’ in her bio before listing her achievements.

Reacting to this, Fredrick wrote;

Chimamanda will lead women to ‘hell’”Chimamanda Will Lead Women To Hell’ -Nigerian Journalist, Fredrick Nwabufo

Who made Chimamanda Adichie the supremo of feminism? Who made her the feminist papal? How did she become the feminist potentate?

By asking Hillary Clinton, former US presidential candidate, why her Twitter bio starts with “wife’, Chimamanda has not only intruded into the personal business of Clinton, but also scorned a key principle of feminism – “choice”.

Besides other leanings, feminism entails freedom of choice. A woman is at liberty to be anything she wants to be – doctor, lawyer, housewife or mother. The right to choose is principal, and this should not be prejudiced.

Setting straightjacket standards and rules, which Chimamanda’s brand of feminism promotes, will result in a second captivity – by matriarchal she-lords.

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