Broke Guys Need To Stop Telling These 11 Big Lies To Women

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The reality is, no one wants a guy who lacks ambition and is not hardworking. A man should be able to provide and woo a woman in a manner that can make her stay with him if things do get thick. But if you’re broke because you just don’t like working and all, then here are lies you need to stop telling women.

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1. I don’t like a demanding woman.

2. I am not materialistic why should I try and impress women with better things?

3. Women just like money so I would rather not date.

4. You should stay with me because I am going to make it big and you will miss me.

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5. Any lady who doesn’t like my brokeness should just walk out.

6. Money isn’t everything.

7. My family is so rich and I will take over the business someday.

8. Ladies who like men with money are gold diggers or socialites.

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9. A lady should also be able to treat me.
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10. Support me now and I will always have your back when I make it.

11. As long as I am alive I am happy enough.

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