Between a lady vs Facebook celebrity

Between a lady vs Facebook celebrity she warned to leave her m@sturbating husband

According to the lady who said she has been married for 15 years, the alleged reportedly cast a spell on her husband, who she caught red-handed masturbating with one of her videos.

Between a lady vs Facebook celebrity
Between a lady vs

However Faith Paul, who replied the lady wrote;

Reading this msg over and over, thinking of what to reply to this woman but I can’t find a word! I don’t even know your husband! All I m begging God for is to help me electrocute the likes of her husband that are somewhere masturbating with my pictures or videos. I didn’t come to Facebook for this. Why ruin ur home for someone that doesn’t even recognize your existence. I have a very good man in my life and a beautiful daughter I’m so much in love with them and don’t want anything more. I pray God heals you woman! Your husband is a MADMAN😩😩 I blocked your perverted husband on your request already! I feel bad for this woman for real So so bad.

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