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4 $ex Positions That Will Bring A New Life To The “SEXPERIENCE” Of Your Relationship


4 $ex Positions That Will Bring A New LifeTaking one flavour all the time can become really boring and you get tired of it way easily; even if it is your favourite. Varieties are advised because each flavour comes with a different taste and sensation; no two flavours can taste the same. $ex, too, is like that. Doing the same thing over and over makes $ex really feel like a chore and this is one of the reasons $ex die in relationships. $experts therefore advise that couples make their $ex lives blazing by doing away with routines and bring new things into the bedroom. One of the new things you can add is different styles other than the missionary you are used to. This is the list of some of the hottest $ex positions that will bring a new meaning to your $exual experience. Note that these are tried and tested $ex positions with a little bit more juice that will make you and your scream in pleasure.

#1. NEW AND IMPROVED “MISSIONARY” STYLE: missionary can be really interesting, depending on how you go about it. To get more from this usually laid back style for people who are conservative in bed, try the coital alignment technique that maximizes clitoral contact. The guy scoots two inches up from the standard missionary and you wrap your legs around his thighs. Then, have him rock back and forth as he presses his pelvis against yours and then yours against his. This has proven to increase a woman’s chance of having orgasm by 56%.

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You can also try the knee hugger. This style helps the man last longer i.e. premature ejaculation is a no-no with this type of missionary because it allows him go at a slower pace. Press your knees into your chest and have your man kneel facing you while holding your knees together for tightness.

Another way of getting the best off missionary style is by wrapping your legs around his neck or pressing it on his chest. This is called a leg press which is a standard missionary style but with a lift. This position gives room for deeper penetration and your G-spot is guaranteed to be hit.

#2. THE BETTER SERVED “GIRL ON TOP” STYLE: this position is very intense and both the man and woman are going to actually enjoy this, a whole lot. This style promises to give you knee-weakening, toe curling, lip biting orgasm. To step away from the usual on top position, lie on top of your spouse and make sure your bodies are pressed together and your legs fully stretched out. Then move back and forth, slowly. You can rub oil on your chests to make gliding easier and more fun.

You can also $quat on top of him instead kneeling with your feet flat on the floor or bed; wherever it is you are having $ex. With men being visually aroused, this position will give him a better view of your goodies, the sensual pleasure etched on your face and it will put you in control.

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Turn things around by reversing this position. It is the same as the on top but you are straddling him with your back to him. This gives you the freedom to touch yourself; if you are into that kinda stuff. It also allows you to be in charge of your orgasm.

#3. STEAMING VERSION OF THE “DOGGY” STYLE: every couple must try out this position, it is sizzling. For better penetration during doggy, wrap your legs around his knees; it practically glues him to you. Doggy style is funny $exciting. You don’t even have to do it on the bed or on the couch. Hold on to the shower stall or the mirror or the edge of the bed or even the wall and bend over just a little. Him entering from behind and still in a standing position gives him the opportunity to roam his hands all over your sensual spots.

If your legs are getting too weak to support you as per the $ex is just too hot, you can have him lie down on his back and bend his knees to his chest. Then straddle him like you are sitting down. Use his bent knees with his pressed into back/neck as a back rest. Move you hands to the back so he can hold your waist for support. This allows him to penetrate deeper as your cervix is stimulated.

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#4. THE TIGHT “SPOONING” POSITION: the spooning position gives room for maximum tightness because her knees are always pressed together. The angle of thrusting makes the G-spot more accessible doubling the chances of orgasm for a lady. You can lift your leg and place it body. Then turn around to lock eyes with him. Eye contact during $ex makes it more emotionally intimate.

You can also do the reverse of it by turning face down with your knees tucked under chest and your arms stretched out in front of you or at your sides; whichever is convenient for you. Let your partner do the same on top of you. This position gives you a direct access to a lady’s G-spot.




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