10 Stunning Dating Tips For The Shy Guys

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Why am i qualified to give dating tips for shy guys? Well, that’s simple. By nature, I’m a pretty shy guy myself. I wish i could of had this dating advice when i was starting out as a young lad.

If you ever wished you were a little more confident around the ladies, you’ve come to the right place.

However, through practice, I’ve learned to shed my reserved nature, and be confident when it counts.

First, the good news:  Being shy is not the worst thing in the world. It probably means you’re a pretty nice guy, and that, when given the chance, you’ll treat a lady well. Women know this in their hearts. Being a good person gives you an advantage over 90% of the competition.


Women are, in general, much more attracted to men with confidence. This is sort of a evolutionary thing. A more confident mate was more likely to protect the family and bring home a saber-toothed tiger’s leg for dinner.


Also, being confident shows that, at least to some degree, you like yourself… which is important. If you don’t like yourself, how can you expect a girl to?

So, whats my number one dating tip for shy guys?


Get more confident!

OK, that’s not very helpful. But, if you want to succeed with women, you’re going to have to shed some shyness. Otherwise, you’re just not going to have much fun…

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There’s more good news… You can develop confidence just as you would develop any skill. I managed to do it, and these are the steps i used.


Step outside your comfort zone:


When you step outside your comfort zone, you become desensitized, and your comfort zone actually expands. The more comfortable you are, the more confident you become.


Dating Tips for Shy Guys

Challenge #1


The Stare


Next time you’re walking down the street, every so often, pick someone and look them in the eyes for much longer than you would otherwise. This will feel a little weird at first, but that’s a good thing. Make sure to smile so you don’t completely weird people out…

I’ve found this to be a nice first step outside of the comfort zone. Repeat “The Stare” as many times as it takes to feel completely comfortable doing it. Then, move on to…

Dating Tips for Shy Guys

Challenge #2

The Pick-Up


Alright, now we’re moving… Today’s goal is to ask 30 women out on a date. Don’t expect a lot of success with this. Getting actual dates is not the goal of this challenge. Very few women will agree to go out on a date with someone they just met. The point is to become desensitized to approaching a lady, and, also, to become comfortable with being turned down.

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Approach an attractive girl on the street, and say something like this: “Hey, I know this is a little strange, but I just noticed you and was absolutely floored by how beautiful you are. And, I realized that I would be kicking myself all day if i didn’t at least try to get your number…”

Please put a smile on your face, it will give you confidence and also you will look more confident.Ladies always likes a smiling guy.Always remember that.

The first couple of tries will feel pretty awkward. But, as you progress, you’ll find yourself becoming more and more confident in your ability to perform this ridiculous exercise. Best of all, the next time you meet someone that you think has romantic potential, you’ll feel completely capable of going the extra step to ask that person out.


So, you’ve asked someone out, and, impressed by your confidence, she said yes. Now what?

Now is the time for some actual dating tips for shy guys:

Try not to talk too fast, or too much. You’ll come across as a nervous nelly.

Try to keep your hands out of your pockets, and avoid figiting.

Be able to talk confidently with other people (Waiters, Bartenders, etc.)

Stand with a wide, confident stance. Claiming a lot of space implies a dominant personality.

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Be confident with your physical flirtations. Start to break down the physical barrier early on in the date.

Be chivalric, but not overly so. Pay for something without asking, but avoid appearing as though you’re trying to impress.

Be assertive when making decisions about the course of the date. Offer her several options as opposed to just asking, “what do you want to do?”

Don’t constantly avoid eye contact. You might come off as though you’re hiding something.

Don’t be too nice. If every third sentance out of your mouth is a compliment, she’ll be completely turned off. Bein’ too sweet makes for tooth aches.

Mention briefly, and in context, cool things about yourself. If you plant seeds of interest, she’ll have reasons to think about you when the date is over.

My last dating tip for shy guys is to learn what confidence looks like. Find a friend whose confidence you admire, and study his behavior. You could also use celebrities for this…

Watch some You Tube videos of George Clooney or Paul Rudd being charming and confident. By studying them, you’ll start to implement their subtle gestures of confidence when you’re in social situations.

I hope these dating tips for shy guy have been helpful…

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